For I have seen the future….

For I have seen the future of the workplace – are you prepared?

It is about:

  • Being together and being alone
  • Being connected and staying out of reach
  • Working where there is a buzz and working in silence
  • Working with analogue tools and working digitally
  • Tidy spaces and spaces that are a beautiful mess
  • Working anywhere and working in the same place
  • Sitting and standing and walking and leaning
  • Working in a 1st place, a 2nd place, a 3rd place and a 4th place
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Working in an introvert way and collaborating in an extrovert way
  • Cultural deserts and vibrant spaces
  • Being authentic and trying to be someone you’re not
  • The death of the old office and the birth of the new office
  • Beautiful spaces and ugly spaces
  • Being productive and being non-productive
  • Staying the same and embracing change
  • Working everywhere and not working at all
  • A new landscape of work and one that stays the same
  • Using email effectively and being controlled by emails

For I have seen the future of the workplace – are you prepared?


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“Workplace design wisdom – from 1968”

Published in 1968, this book is full of incredible insights that are as valid today as they were then. I am giving away 20 copies of the book – if you would like a copy then send me a tweet to @markcatchlove -or complete the form below.


If I receive more than 20 requests in the next 2 weeks I will draw the names out of a hat

To give you a preview of the rich content here are some quotes :

“Fifty years has brought little change to the functional format of offices. Office work has undergone a revolution; the physical environment lags behind”

“The business of people talking to each other in offices is a very serious consideration. It is by far the most expensive achievement of offices: the grouping of people that allows conversational exchange”

“Face to face involvement is the premier communication tool. Unmatched for subtlety and efficiency but also a present wasteland of mysterious inhibitions and limitation, it requires revitalization”

“Because we can now generate, project and multiply information with ease, we are facing a crisis in quality. We have more but is it worth investing our involvement?”

“As status orientation is converted to goal orientation, the use of space and hierarchical furnishings will undergo major readjustment.”

“Proportioning some of our work to stand-up work stations would do more than anything else to overcome sedentary decline. The office can be a kinetic, active, alert, vigorous environment.”

“Every office has a climate of social expression that can either be destructive or constructive and, to a large degree, this is effected by the physical expression we give it. One of the great assets of a more frankly interactive and open office expression is the improved social structure that it offers”

“Pause or byway areas for brief conference interchange can be a highly functional part of traffic design. This is particularly useful if it also is  utilized as a general display center focusing on matters that help keep goals and objectives on a current awareness basis.”

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The EU referendum captured in a few scribbles

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Join us to build a community garden in Loughton

We want to build a community garden in Loughton to bring people together to grow food. Community food growing will improve access to healthy, organic food, promote health and well-being, build new skills and strengthen the local community.

Our vision is to transform a derelict site in Loughton, Essex into a vibrant, inclusive community garden. We hope to hold community events and weekly growing sessions where people of any age, background and ability are welcome. We have big dreams for the community garden and over time we’d love to have training sessions, inclusion for those with disabilities or additional needs, cooking workshops, access to work initiatives, youth engagement – and much more!

But for now, we are just at the beginning of our journey. Last month, Loughton Town Council agreed to lease us a disused plot of land on Pyrles Lane. Our first job is to clear the site and get some basic equipment and infrastructure in place. Then we need to design and develop the site and deliver training for those wanting to learn new skills. To do all this, we need some start-up funding. We are hoping to raise £5000 which will cover:

– Clearing the land, disposing of waste and soil testing
– Garden planning and design
– Shed and tools
– Compost, plants and seeds
– Infrastructure such as a compost toilet, polytunnel and raised beds
– Trainer, training course materials and accreditation fees to deliver accredited training workshops in basic horticultural skills

We would love for you to join us on this exciting journey to create Loughton’s first community garden and appreciate any support you can give!

You can support this fantastic initiative here –

(This is an initiative of the Above and Beyond Charity)

About us

Restore Community Centre in Loughton plays a pivotal role in the community, offering an open door on Debden Broadway for people to drop in as well as providing advisory and signposting services. We are passionate about community transformation and making a positive impact in people’s lives.


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“Please don’t let it put you off coming back”

These are the words spoken to me last Sunday by the lovely Jean – words that have kept haunting me all week.

After entertaining the lovely folk in an elderly care home last Sunday, they were then served with tea and cake and biscuits as we took some time to chat to them. As Jean took a biscuit she struggled  due to her shaking hands. As my friend helped her take her biscuit, you could see that she was highly embarrassed – that’s when she said “Please don’t let it put you off coming back, we love having you with us”

These aren’t the only words that keep coming back to me. When I chatted to one of the men, and asked him how he enjoyed living there, he said “This isn’t a place where you are supposed to enjoy yourself, we all know why we are here” – sadly, he had to give up his car the week before and was visibly upset by this.

This place is beautifully kept, and has lovely gardens, but these things are superficial. However, it appears to me what these lovely folk crave more is for their minds to be challenged and their hearts to be lifted. They just want some company, and to chat and to feel valued.

Singing a few old songs with these lovely folk cost us nothing but time, and maybe a little embarrassment when we messed up. However, there was not one ounce of judgement when we started a line at the wrong time or missed out a verse.There was just appreciation and a smile – and boy does that make you feel good.

If you get a chance to use your time doing something like this then please grab it with both hands – and don’t let anything put you off going back.IMG_7130

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Outfoxed – What can HR and Workplace learn from the LCFC Premier League victory

I don’t really know – but what I do know is that the title will annoy lots of people – – enjoy your week.


Image Credit – Julie Milne

Feel free to enjoy more wonderful images of Foxes –

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Set the Bar High

Achievement is a fundamental human need that affects performance, productivity, innovation, and retention at work.

The drive for achievement can contribute to economic growth. Challenge is a prerequisite for a feeling of achievement; the right tools and support can ignite human potential and equip people to impact business results.

Workplace design can impact achievement. When people have a choice of settings outfitted with furnishings and tools to support their work, both individuals and the organization can succeed.

Click here to read or download Herman Miller’s new Achievement White Paper

Click Here to read Herman Miller’s white paper on Belonging

Click Here to find out more about our next Fundamental Human Needs Workshop in London

Click Here to listen to the Achievement  Podcast featuring Holly Honig and Joseph White


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