My desk, your desk, shared desk, no desk

My desk, your desk, shared desk, no desk

Lean against the wall, perch upon a stool

My chair, your chair, shared chair, no chair,

Time to make a stand, sitting has been banned

My pen, your pen, shared pen, smart pen

Writing on the wall, post it notes are cool

My cloud, your cloud, shared cloud, i-cloud

Finding all my stuff, has never been this tough

My thoughts, your thoughts, shared thoughts, our thoughts,

Time to create – let’s collaborate

My world, your world, shared world, our world

Global is the thing, but local’s still the king

My way, your way, anyway, wrong way

Freedom to be me, authenticity

My time, your time, anytime, no time

Never waste a minute – use 60 seconds in it

Which is why I will now finish and let you get back to stuff that really matters