A little bit about me


I am the wrong side of 60 – or should that be the right side? I have been involved in the office furniture industry for over 35 years. My title is Director of the Insight Group for Herman Miller’s EMEA region, which doesn’t tell you very much at all. My role is to commission research and then to share the findings with clients, designers and dealers around the region.

I love playing guitar and have an Ovation Celebrity as well as a 45 year old EKO 12 string. I enjoy taking photographs. I love singing, whether on my own or with a group. I have a dream that one day I will sing with a big band.

You can check out the Herman Miller events schedule here https://www.hminsightgroup.com/hmevents.html

“The opinions and positions expressed are my own and don’t necessarily reflect those of Herman Miller”.

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  2. Mike Lewis says:

    Dear Mark

    The Mid Sussex Times report of the blue plaque recently erected to celebrate Joseph Flesher has, via Google, directed me to your blog posting about your ancestor.

    I am one of the trustees of Haywards Heath Town FC and, over the course of the last twelve months, I have been writing a history of the football club’s early origins which also include snippets on the town’s beginnings, including of course the coming of the railway in 1841.

    The reason for my writing to you is to enquire if Joseph was the ancestor of a J.J.Flesher (I think his name was Jim) who played for the club in 1923-24 when he would have been about 17 or 18? My story includes the construction of the railway and how many of those working on the line settled in the new township, but I was completely unaware of Joseph’s part in the town’s history.

    I have used photographs which show Jim in the 1923-24 div.3 championship trophy winning team, and also one of him at the Sussex County Cricket Ground at Hove in about 1931. If he is descended from Joseph, then I can revise my ‘manuscript’ (ooh-er!) to connect the two and include Joseph in my book.

    Thank you in anticipation for any assistance you might be able to provide


    • Hi there. This is fascinating stuff. JJ was Joseph James Edward Flesher. He was actually born in Royston, but can’t work out why. He was the great Grandson of the Flesher commemorated in HH. I have found a picture of him on Ancestry. Do email me at catchlove at msn dot com and I can share more details with you

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