A call for positive radicalism.

In the light of recent events I believe it is time for us to up our game.

I would like to make a call today for positive radicalism.

Radical Kindness  – Don’t just be kind, but be extraordinarily kind. Go the extra mile. Go the extra 5 miles if you can. Be radically kind.

Radical Generosity – Give to those who need it and give to those who don’t. Give of your time. Give people hope. Give a smile or two … or three.  Give without expectation. Give practically. Be a radical giver.

Radical listening – Listen hard. Listen carefully. Take in what you are hearing. Listen so you can help. Listen so you know when to be quiet. Listen during the silences . Be a radical listener.

Radical empathy – Imagine. Just imagine. Imagine yourself in someone else’s situation. Imagine yourself facing their challenges, their difficulties, their family situations. Be radically empathetic.

Radical forgiveness – We make mistakes. We all make mistakes. We let each other down. We let each other down too often. Make forgiveness your first intention, not hatred or resentment or revenge. Radically forgive.

Radical unity against evil – Argument. Debate. Disagreement. These are signs of healthy and civilised society. We must never lose these. However, we must all radically unite against hatred. Standing together against hatred, against revenge, against bitterness. Radically unite against evil.

Radically Dream – Believe in better. Dream and hope for a society that will improve. A society that is kind and generous, one that listens and empathises, and one that forgives and unites against evil.

My call today is for positive radicalism.



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5 Responses to A call for positive radicalism.

  1. jaynemcox says:

    A great post Mark. If the energy for greater good comes together, there’s so much positive radicalisation we can achieve! Jayne

  2. Rebecca Hodgson says:

    I agree.. plus I think you should put this on FB

  3. Mark, I agree… but then, who wouldn’t after last week.
    The difficult thing is maintaining those feelings well after the events which trigger them.
    We have all been here before, after tragic events. But people forget quickly, and we all go back to our self-obsessed lives. Religion once kept people thinking of others, but many people (most?) have fallen away from religions. I was never religious – I want to do ‘good’, but cannot believe in anything other than people (maybe I’m a humanist?).
    We need something to replace religion, for ‘non-believers’, which is still all about doing good for others. I don’t know what, but it has to be more than just individuals – we need to be reminded by a group, somehow.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Paul. I’m “religious” but I am fully aware that it doesn’t guarantee good attitudes or behaviour. Leading by positive examples is a good place to start.

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