“Please don’t let it put you off coming back”

These are the words spoken to me last Sunday by the lovely Jean – words that have kept haunting me all week.

After entertaining the lovely folk in an elderly care home last Sunday, they were then served with tea and cake and biscuits as we took some time to chat to them. As Jean took a biscuit she struggled  due to her shaking hands. As my friend helped her take her biscuit, you could see that she was highly embarrassed – that’s when she said “Please don’t let it put you off coming back, we love having you with us”

These aren’t the only words that keep coming back to me. When I chatted to one of the men, and asked him how he enjoyed living there, he said “This isn’t a place where you are supposed to enjoy yourself, we all know why we are here” – sadly, he had to give up his car the week before and was visibly upset by this.

This place is beautifully kept, and has lovely gardens, but these things are superficial. However, it appears to me what these lovely folk crave more is for their minds to be challenged and their hearts to be lifted. They just want some company, and to chat and to feel valued.

Singing a few old songs with these lovely folk cost us nothing but time, and maybe a little embarrassment when we messed up. However, there was not one ounce of judgement when we started a line at the wrong time or missed out a verse.There was just appreciation and a smile – and boy does that make you feel good.

If you get a chance to use your time doing something like this then please grab it with both hands – and don’t let anything put you off going back.IMG_7130


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2 Responses to “Please don’t let it put you off coming back”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Thanks Mark. Such an important reminder to take the time to honor those who have walked before us. Simply sharing ourselves is something we can all do. I always enjoy your blog posts. Have a great weekend.

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