Context matters

There seems to be lots of talk about context at the moment – so not wanting to feel left out, I thought I would have a say.

Do you hate the thought of having your child micro-chipped at birth? Now think about losing your 2 year old in a shopping mall and see how the context changes your opinion.

Do you hate the thought of working in a 70’s style office cubicle? Now, imagine being out of work for a year, and you are financially in desperate need of a job. How does the thought of working in an old style box feel now?

The reality is that no matter how much research workplace consultants and strategists do on a project, it is impossible to plan for every context. It is so much easier to make sweeping generalisations.

There is a need to build in flexibility to meet changing contexts – flexibility in space as well as management culture. That is in both  a corporate and a personal context. It means reviewing regularly how a space is working and how it is being used.

 Context Matters  – and always will





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