Stories are important – catch them while you can

As I was walking to the Post Office this morning, I managed to capture this picture of an old and new bus


The significance for me in  this picture is the Number 15. This bus used to run from The White Horse in East Ham all the way to Ladbroke Grove, and for a time during the 60s my father-in-law Ron Smith was a conductor, whilst his brother-in-law Len Smith was the driver.

They are now in their “senior” years, but you can guarantee that whenever they get together, it won’t take long until the conversation gets around to the many stories of their experiences. We all tut, and throw our back our heads in feigned disdain saying ‘here they go again’, but in reality we love hearing them laughing, sometimes uncontrollably, as they share their stories.

Stories like the time a man got on the bus with a tap strapped to his head. Or the time Len the driver, left Ron the conductor at a bus stop as he helped someone off of the bus, and Ron subsequently had to jump on another bus to catch him up.

I have tried telling many of their stories, but they are never as engaging or funny as when told by the people that own them – namely Len and Ron.

Len and Ron

Len and Ron – ready to chat about the good old days

Stories really do matter, whether in families, amongst friends or even with colleagues. So make sure you share your own stories, as well as taking time to listen to stories from other people. There’s a chance that you might enrich others and you might be enriched as you take the time to listen to their tales.

In the meantime here is some great 70’s funk from The Fatback Band – “(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop”


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2 Responses to Stories are important – catch them while you can

  1. Cindy says:

    An interesting blog Mark. I lived in East Ham during the 50s, lived on what was called the By-Pass, left Brampton in 1959. I just love the Memories of East Ham site. How strange to think that many of those who posted catching the 101 to East Ham Station might have been rubbing shoulders with me! Have you seen this site?


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