Hard work – really?

I keep reading articles about Royal family members and children of the rich and famous talking about how hard they work.

Hard work – really? Do they even know what hard work really is. In  fact, do I even know what hard work really is? I sometimes work long hours, I sometimes travel a lot, I sometimes get stressed – but is it really hard work when I compare it to my parents.

I do know that my parents worked hard.

My mother was a farm worker in Kent. Picking fruit and vegetables is hard work. Even more so if you are only paid based on what you picked. Riding a bike to work with me on the back was hard work. No guaranteed wages. Probably no contract. Very little health and safety protection. Working in all weathers. That’s hard work.


My mother is on the right in this photo from Sittingbourne

My father worked hard. In his time he was a milkman, a coalman, a grave digger, a fencer, a crane driver, as well as many other jobs. When he worked in a paper mill he would often work 12 hour shifts 7 days in a row. That’s hard work. The first day he had off sick was when he had to have a leg amputated. Even then he was back to work within weeks.


My father when he was a milkman in the Sittingbourne area

I know they were both manual workers, and it is hard to compare white and blue collar work. However, when people complain about having a tough week at work – and I accept that many people do – I wish that they would get some perspective.

Have a great week everyone. Don’t work too hard now.


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2 Responses to Hard work – really?

  1. Jacky Hilary says:

    This is brilliant and humbling Mark

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