Herman Miller Insight Group Events

I would like to take the opportunity to share with you the details of our upcoming workshops and seminars.
Robert Propst

Robert Propst

Lunchtime – Wednesday February 8th or Tuesday March 17th
‘The Office – A facility based on change’
The business of people talking to each other in offices is a very serious consideration. It is by far the most expensive achievement of offices: the grouping of people that allows conversational exchange” Robert Propst
Published in 1968, this book, written by Robert Propst, revolutionised the thinking about workplace design. In this seminar we will explore the key points, and focus on those that are still valid 36 years later.
There will be a free copy of the book for all attendees
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Living Office

Living Office

Breakfast – March 3rd 2015 – Living Office Breakfast Workshop – Chippenham
In businesses around the world the workforce is changing. The expectations of workers are changing. How work gets done is changing. The tools of work are changing. The work itself is changing. There is a new landscape of work.
At Herman Miller, we enjoy working with leading thinkers and designers like you to apply a greater understanding of people—how we think, how we are motivated, and how we create and collaborate — to this new landscape of work.
In this interactive workshop we will discuss how work is managed, the tools and technologies that enable that work, and the places where we come together to do it.
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Paul Zak

Paul Zak – founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies

Lunchtime – Wednesday April 29th – The Science behind Making Employees Happy in the Workplace – London
We know office design affects behaviour. But to what extent? Does office design actually affect brain activity, as well as behaviour? This session explores findings from new research with the Centre for Neuroeconomics Studies
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