Still bang the drum

Whilst sat on a plane, enjoying my last major business trip this year, I started getting a little poetic as we were coming into land at Heathrow – I promise I won’t put this one to music!

These “new ways of working” seem to be all the rage

They’re making the papers, and the conference stage

They’re making the blogs, and my Twitter feed too

They’re even on YouTube, and BBC 2


So because of this coverage, am I to assume,

That everyone’s working in a “collaborative room”

That flexible working is now common place

And that virtual is replacing the old face to face?


Is everyone working wherever they want,

And they don’t have to use the brand approved font

Are people now free to be authentic and true

No corporate rule books, telling them what they can do.


Are circadian rhythms now allowed to dictate

Whether people work early, or stay very late

Does choice now abound, in the free address zone

Can everyone choose when to work on their own


The reality is, there’s still work to do

For many employees, the opposite is true.

So we need to keep working, to see the change come

Together we need to to still bang the drum

(I refer you to a 2 year old blog – )


About Mark Catchlove

All views are my own
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