What a great weekend

This weekend I have been visiting the in-laws in North East. It’s been a good one. The in-laws are over 80 but still active, even though they recently gave up their car. Their garden is one of the tidiest I have ever seen.


We had a great visit to York on Friday, reminiscing that the last time we were there was before the father in law had his triple heart by pass. It was good to be able to walk down The Shambles again, even if it was a little slower!

Saturday was full of running around and doing some of the jobs that they can’t do now. A quick trip to the garden centre (which was more like a theme park), and cutting down a few stray branches. Having said that, the in-laws have a neighbour who is so kind and helpful, I am not too sure how they would manage without him.

Sunday was a day of catching up with people who were a key part of my formative years when I left home at 18 and came to work in a church organisation, which led to me marrying and settling for a short while in the North East. We even bumped into people in the restaurant where we had lunch, who I hadn’t seen for over 30 years. It was so good to see them again, and I was hugged more times than I could count .

I am writing this because I just want to bring a little joy and cheer and to remind you to never ever forget those that have made an impact on your life and especially to say thank you to them.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy this photograph from 1978, when I was in the North East working for a wallpaper company called Macgregors. The wood effect paper behind us was our best seller!



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