Living Office – a workplace where YOU matter

Things like this really help make the job I do even more enjoyable

Madalina Hanc

I went to a really good HM Insight Group workshop today, hosted by Mark Catchlove and supported by Oliver Baxter at the Herman Miller’s National Design Centre in Aldwych.  I’m not one to be impressed by the use of  corporate mantras like ‘collaboration’, ‘flexibility’, or ‘value creation’ within the workplace yet the ‘Living Office‘ concept presented today got me thinking.

Of course workplaces have evolved according to the changes in information availability and the gradual flattening of management hierarchies, departing from the industrial mode and embracing the age of ideas. Yes, most workers are now educated, working intellectual jobs that require creativity and innovation skills and thus, their expectations have increased. Companies are also bigger and stronger, yet their global success remains dependent on the productivity of employees. So the engine of prosperity – interesting choice of words – combines passion and profit, individual and organisational values.

Interestingly enough, the Living Office concept has a detailed focus on the…

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