A marriage made in Kings Cross – beyond the workplace

The announcement made this week at the ThinkFM Conference in Kings Cross that the British Institute of Facilities Management and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development will begin a collaborative partnership seemed to be very well received by the members of both institutions.

Inevitably questions and concerns are being raised at these early stages, especially in the social media arena. Will it just be a talking shop? What will the outcomes be? What does the collaboration look like? Will it just be a research collaboration with no action? These are just a few of the very valid questions being asked, and some attempts at answering them have already been made.

My not so amazing observation is that the 2 groups already have something in common  – they both have the word Institute in their title. Therein lies the challenge. I quote here from Wikipedia:

An institution is any structure or mechanism of social order governing the behaviour of a set of individuals within a given community; may it be human or a specific animal one. Institutions are identified with a social purpose, transcending individuals and intentions by mediating the rules that govern living behaviour.

The challenge is to ensure that this new found collaboration is not limited by structure –  in reality it should be all about individuals. I understand that there probably needs to be a loose framework, loose being the key word here. I know this is much easier said than done, especially for me – I love structure, I love control, I love rules, I love certainty, I love a safe environment, I am not a risk taker. All this will have to go out of the window to make this conversation work.

We also need to engage those who are currently disengaged. We need to pull people into the conversation over and above those of us that talk about it all the time. It needs to move beyond the 10 or 20 people on Twitter that have begun the conversation (although that is a pretty good place to start)

I am excited about this collaboration and want to be a part of it – I hope you do too.

Any excuse to play some Aretha Franklin


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4 Responses to A marriage made in Kings Cross – beyond the workplace

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  2. Chris Kane says:

    Glad you wish to be involved, as discussed this can’t be a talking shop we need to turn to a new page in how we do things. Therefore we need to everbody onto the same page first then together we move forward.
    There are really only a small motley bunch of us we need to expand our reach, make new friends and allies, explore new thinking and most of all identify tangible actions.

    We off and underway…

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