“Living beats dying”

This is another one of the Herman Miller ‘Living Office’ provocations. Probably the most controversial of the 6 provocations, but the debate it engenders is very important .

The idea here is that workplaces, the technology provided and the management structure are all there to support people in their day to day working lives. Therefore workplaces needs to develop to meet these changing needs – staying the same is not an option. The challenge is to ensure the change implemented is right and appropriate.

A great workplace is one which thrives, develops, evolves, and does not stagnate. We need to avoid negating all the upfront workplace strategy and design work by allowing it to die slowly when the people move in. The move in date is when the real work begins, when listening, observing, talking and reviewing come into play.

A Living Office is one where the day 2 management of the workplace is just as important as all the much talked about upfront work. One where the strategists work closely with the facility management team to ensure their concept is not just brought to life, but kept alive

Living beats dying


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