“The next big thing isn’t for you”

WHY_Provocations_05 I was interested to read this article in the Metro “Take down that slide: Why wacky office spaces don’t always work” . It reminded me of another of Herman Miller’s Living Office provocations – namely ‘The next big thing isn’t for you’ . The point here being that just as every individual is unique, so is every company. There is no out of the box solution that meets the need of every company. Offices need to be carefully considered and designed to meet the needs of the individuals who will use the space and the company they work for. I love sharing Herman Miller’s research and insights into workplace design. However, this can only ever give pointers to what companies and their service providers need to consider when providing workplaces. It can never provide all the answers to your questions – and in fact, I often ask as many questions as I give answers. That’s why I recommend that you work with good workplace designers or consultants, companies that will work towards providing an appropriate solution. A company that will support you in achieving the ‘next right thing’ rather than the ‘next big thing’.

If you are iinterested in joining the debate, you can sign up for Herman Miller’s regular events– more details here


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