“We feel before we think”

This is one of 6 provocations used by Herman Miller to help people think about “The Living Office”.

We take cues from the environment as well as other people and this then informs how we feel and in turn how we behave. Spaces that are designed well communicate a message without using words, they don’t have to have labels telling us what happens in those spaces.

Think about some of those beautiful modern houses that you may have visited, houses that would easily win design awards. Yet, somehow it doesn’t feel like a home, there’s something missing. The layout has followed all the right formulae, the colour combinations have been well thought through, it has all the latest gadgets – but still, there’s something missing. “ We feel before we think”

Likewise it is important that workplaces are not designed just to win awards, but to meet the needs of the people working there. Yes, I know it’s obvious to some of you, but not every project embraces this concept.

Just because you can’t measure something doesn’t mean it is not important – which is not quite the same as Seth Godin’s quote “Just because something is easy to measure doesn’t mean it’s important.”



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