‘Chance favours the prepared mind’

One of Herman Miller’s most recent pieces of research is entitled ‘Scenarios 2018’. Scenario planning is something that we often do in our private lives, where we imagine a series of ‘what ifs’ and create scenarios in our minds of what might be. Whether it is about education, or work or living, these decisions are often accompanied by us working through narratives in our mind.

Scenario planning is a valuable tool for anyone in business to prepare and plan for what the future might hold. It helps us all to step back and think about external factors that could have an influence on our sphere of work, and this is no different for those in the workplace arena. One of the most popular ways of of thinking about this is to use the STEEP model:


Why not take a moment know to think about how changes in these areas might affect you and your work.

It is also important that Scenario Planning is done with external input. Herman Miller heard views from anthropologists, economists and designers. You can hear what they shared with us here.

As a result of this extensive work, 3 scenarios were imagined – they were

Datasphere             New Normal           Polarised World

The next step was to run workshops, both internal and external to establish what this means for the world of work. Whilst this is more art than science, it is a way to establish some of the key things that those involved in workplace should  be thinking about and maybe even prepare for.

To quote my colleague, Maryln Walton: “Scenario planning really helps you perceive things differently—it opens up your mind to new ideas. We start asking different questions, challenge our thinking, challenge the team’s thinking. That’s what’s really important.”

So, if you want to find our more about this work, as well as discuss and debate the issues raised you can join us for our next 2 hour breakfast workshop in London on the 8th May. You can read more details by CLICKING HERE.  Alternatively, if you would like us to share some of the findings with you in a 45 minute seminar, then please email hminsightgroup@hermanmiller.com with your details.



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