Surveys – Do you a) Love them b) Hate them or c) Are you neutral?

Everywhere you turn there’s yet another survey. “How was your dining experience? Go online and get a glass of cheap sparkling wine if you take part in our survey” ….. “Thanks for using our washroom facilities today, please press the button that most reflects your toilet experience today” Sound familiar?

I have used surveys, and my company regularly uses surveys. In fact we are just about to share the results of our last survey looking at “Personality Preferences for Interaction”.  So this is not an anti-survey blog. It’s just a recognition that because they are so easy and cheap to create, we are being inundated with them.

I think on-line surveys can be useful and effective if

  1. They are not the only method of gathering information.
  2. They are worded carefully – avoiding too many leading questions.
  3. Buzzwords are avoided or at least explained.
  4. They can be completed in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.
  5. You tell the truth about the time it will take.
  6. There is a potential benefit to someone completing the survey.
  7. Action ensues, especially when you receive feedback that might warrant this.

Surveys are not going to disappear, so let’s make sure that they are well constructed and well considered.


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