The virtual world – a reflection of our real world selves

I am currently working from home, and just about to make myself some lunch. OK, I know that bit is boring and mundane, but let me get to the point. Twice in the last half an hour I have heard my letterbox click loudly, and twice I have immediately had to go downstairs to see what excitement awaits me on the doormat. Even though I knew the 2nd one would only be junk mail, as my ordinary post (my travel insurance renewal documents if you’re  interested) had already arrived in the first delivery. This in spite of the fact that I knew I would be going downstairs soon anyway.

As I am typing this I can clearly see out of the corner of my eye the little red ‘new message’ light is flashing on my Blackberry (OK, don’t judge me, it’s company issue) Hang on, I’ll be back in a moment….. OK, now I’ve just checked that important new message (another unbelievable offer from some hotel website)

I can now get to my point, the virtual world reflects the real world a great deal.

OK, so this thought, like many of my others, is not profound ground breaking stuff I know. I do think however that how we adopt and adapt in the digital and virtual world is often a reflection of our real world selves – somebody sends me something, I have to read it now. However, in the digital world we do potentially have more control, even if we do sometimes give that away by letting everyone else manage our day. I can’t turn off the clunking noise the letterbox makes, but I can turn off the phone or even just turn off the blinking red light.

P.S. In my search for an image, I’m came across this  BLACKBERRY: How to turn the blinking red light off… sorry, must dash thank blinking red light is blinking again


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