Respect your elders

Something that continually concerns me is how we treat the more senior members of our communities. That concern grows every time I read yet another report about mistreatment. I wonder whether we really do give our elders the respect and honour that they deserve, especially in today’s supposedly inclusive society.

We see so many initiatives aimed at the children and youth, and these are to be applauded. I shudder to think where I would be today without such initiatives. After all, these are the people that will be shaping our future.

However, does that mean that those of more senior years are not a part of our future? ‘Of course not’ I hear you saying. Then why does society act as if they have served their time and we don’t need to worry about them anymore. It’s not just community groups; it’s also professional groups who seem to treat senior citizens as a burden rather than the undoubted asset that they are.

Too often we hear of the medical and ‘caring’ professions treating them without respect, seeing them as a drain on resources. These are resources that they have helped to build, and have contributed to in a big way.Our seniors are people that have been through some major ups and downs. They have been through extremely difficult times, some more difficult than most of us of younger years could ever imagine.

If we are honest, we have it so much easier today. I ask everyone, stop and think whether what we do in our communities or even our workplaces is really inclusive.

Well, here I sit all alone
Just me the cat and the phone
I get excited if the phone rings
Even if it’s those call centre things

It’s just so nice to have a chat
On the phone, or with the cat
If I could, I’d like to go out
It’s just a shame no-one’s about

It never used to be like this
I used to have a wife to kiss
I watched her fade and said good bye
I didn’t let people see me cry

I love to chat, but no-one’s here
I’d love to go out for a quick beer
I would love to talk about the past
Not too sure my mind will last

Please forgive me for wasting your time
With this badly written piece of rhyme
But if you’re ever passing by
Please pop in, and don’t be shy


About Mark Catchlove

All views are my own
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