I’ve started, so I will finish – eventually

The phrase made famous by Magnus Magnusson, the erstwhile presenter of Mastermind. ‘I’ve started, so I will finish’ is too often but a dream. In our technology filled lives where there is so much ‘noise’, it has become ‘I’ve started, so when I have stopped being bombarded by interruptions I will do everything I can to finish’.

mastermind-chairWhilst most of these interruptions can be avoided, it can be really hard to be disciplined enough to get to the finish line because of our inability to ‘switch off’.

So – it’s time for change. It might mean switching off your technology so that email ping doesn’t set your mind thinking that the news you’ve been patiently awaiting has finally arrived. It might be putting yourself in a physical place where you can avoid those ‘important but not at the moment serendipitous encounters’ we hear so much about. It might actually mean switching off your smart phone until you’ve finished what you’ve started.

Go on, you know you can do it.


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