I love words – their impact, their ability to challenge, the way that so few can be put can be put together to convey so much. I enjoy reading articles, books, blogs and tweets that are able to communicate interesting, informative and insightful messages.

This is where I begin to regret that I took more interest in football than English at school. I went to an excellent Grammar school in Kent, but my upbringing had incorrectly taught me that the achievement of making it to a grammar school (the first kid from my council estate to do so) was the completion of my goal rather than the beginning of the journey. Homework was a major inconvenience and there was no way I could tell my mates knocking at the door to get me to play football that I had homework to do – not if I wanted to still have friends. So, when I should have been reading Macbeth I was being Peter  Osgood – when I should have been analysing the Ancient Mariner, I was being Peter Bonetti.

I will continue to write and do what I can to communicate effectively, but I know that sometimes I will fail, and I certainly won’t reach the peaks that others reach. I am however, prepared to learn and I know that reading other people’s output should serve as inspiration rather than cause me to despair at what I cannot yet do.


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2 Responses to Words

  1. oliver bond says:

    its a shame that when you have your best chance to learn in life you are most likely to squander the chance and be distracted by sport, relationships of various types and music. perhaps everyone should work between 18-25 and then study after?

  2. I know plenty of my friends kids who would think that a great idea!

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