Psychology of Collaboration – seminars in London and Chippenham

Collaboration is much talked about today, especially when it comes to workplace design. As companies employ more knowledge workers, it is no longer just what you know, but what you do with what you know. Successfully designed collaboration spaces as well as an enabling culture are key to helping this along.

With this in mind, Herman Miller commissioned Dr. Nigel Oseland, a psychologist specialising in workplace, to carry out a literature review of the psychology of collaboration and how that might impact workplace design.

Herman Miller would like to share those findings with you, as well as some observational research carried out by our International research team.

Available Dates:
Chippenham – Tuesday 27th November 2012 (12.15 for a 12.30 start – tours available at 11am and 2.30pm)
London – Wednesday 5th December 2012 (12.15 for a 12.30 start)
London – Tuesday 15th January 2012 (12.15 for a 12.30 start)
To book your space, please register here:

The seminars are free and take place over a lunchtime (12.15 for a 12.30 start)


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