All together now – it’s becoming compulsory!

"Bath Rugby"Collaboration – everyone’s talking about it. It features in conferences, in workplace related articles, in software promotion videos, and even in TED talks. We continually hear about synergies, the benefits of knowledge sharing and increases in innovation and creativity. Much of this, however, is based on the assumption that we all collaborate in a similar way – and the reality is that we don’t, and that is not going to change any time soon. Anyone that has met me will know that I am an extrovert, and in a collaborative setting I often have far too much to say. After watching a superb talk by Susan Cain about the power of introverts, I wanted to understand more about how introverts collaborate. Their ideas may be the best within a group, but how do we make sure that they are heard?  With that in mind, does personality have a part to play in collaboration, and subsequently the collaboration spaces that are being designed?

To help answer the question, Herman Miller commissioned Dr Nigel Oseland, an environmental psychologist and workplace strategist, to look at this subject much more closely. His research is now finished, and we will be sharing his observations from detailed literature research in seminars being held in Herman Miller’s National Design Centre in London as well as at the 100% Design event in Earls Court in September.

So, why not come and join us to hear the findings, and see whether it will improve your understanding of collaboration, and make the spaces you design more effective . You can register for free by clicking here . 

For more information, please send me an email by clicking here (I’ve resisted the urge to post The Farm’s song All Together Now!)


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2 Responses to All together now – it’s becoming compulsory!

  1. Susan Brown says:

    Hi Mark, I may be able to attend on the evening on the last day of 100% design. However should the event that I am in London for run over would it be possible to receive an update on the above the next time you are in Edinburgh? Thanks Susan

  2. Susan – I will definitely arrange for you get an update – and may even be presenting this in Edinburgh soon anyway

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