The joys of presenting – some advice

If you follow me on twitter (@markcatchlove) then you maybe will have spotted that I recently tweeted some advice about presentations. I was inspired to do this during a recent conference as I observed some (not all) speakers failing to observe some of the fundamental requirements to deliver a good presentation

Public speaking is something I love doing, and I sometimes get it right. These were some of the words of advice that I tweeted during that event, and I hope they help you. They act as a very good reminder for me as well. I will share them in the order I tweeted them, rather than in order of importance, and they are just as tweeted, so they will be short and to the point.

  1. Engage with the audience.
  2. Look like you are interested in what you’re saying.
  3. If you use powerpoint, look at the audience, not the screen
  4. 20 minutes means 20 minutes
  5. Talk to the whole audience – not just the moderator
  6. Localise your presentation – don’t quote square footage in a metric market
  7.  Do not act surprised when a slide comes up

Finally, you might enjoy this fun guide on how not to use powerpoint

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2 Responses to The joys of presenting – some advice

  1. amuxdesigns says:

    very thoughtful of you to share this information. I have attended just one presentation of yours, almost more than a year ago and have never forgotten it. You turely are amazing *nods*…

  2. Thanks for your kind words!

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