Yesterday I flew to Edinburgh on a very early flight with Easyjet. The flight was on time and I managed to get my favoured exit row seat, the joys of speedy boarding! My first meeting in Edinburgh was with a large bank where we began to discuss the whole issue of flexible working and interactive spaces. I pointed out that he would hear some of Herman Miller’s insights into 3rd Spaces at the lunchtime seminar which I was delivering later that day. This interaction was to be one of those fortuitous encounters that I talk about so much, as my host showed me the email on his blackberry informing him that my seminar was actually at 4pm. My heart sank as I remembered that my return flight was booked for 5pm. So, iPad to the rescue, I logged on to the Easyjet website, £70 later and my flight was amended.

We carried on our in depth discussion, where something else that I often talk about in my seminars was highlighted. Not every organisation is as forward thinking or as brave as we would like. There are a few individuals who try to sail the boat of change, but there are many people in organisations who just do not want to get on board.

So, with lunchtime free, I walked past Wagamama, and noticed that they had free Wifi, and some empty booths. I couldn’t miss an opportunity like that, so in I went and logged on, working in a booth all to myself. My colleague Tim Russ then made me aware by email of a planned live Times Business Master Class on-line chat, all about mobile working at 1pm. So, I logged on and joined the live discussion whilst tucking in to my noodles. My colleague and I were also texting each other during the debate, whilst both contributing to the debate on-line

Then off to our dealer Tsunami-Axis Scotland’s elegant offices and showroom in Hope Street, where I was able to pick up my newly printed boarding pass, as well as log on to their Wifi and carry on working. After delivering my seminar about 3rd Spaces (let me know if you’re interested in hearing it!) I jumped in a cab a made my newly arranged flight with 10 minutes to spare before boarding. To relax on the plane I played golf  on my iPad, and was just finishing the 18th hole as we were told to switch off all electronic devices. I never put my iPad in the pocket. I say never, except last night that is. I then annoyingly went and left it on the plane.

I wanted to share with you my day to highlight that the ability to work anywhere is here, and it’s totally feasible, and it’s the way to go. I put my company owned laptop, and my company owned blackberry to full use yesterday, as well as my personally owned iPad, now safely back in my hands again! The technology is available – let’s use it.

Totally unrelated to my day, you might find this amazing use of multiple iPads rather exciting! Thanks for reading!


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