Notes from a traveller – Mark Catchlove

With a nod to those infuriating ‘Notes from a Traveller’ interviews with the rich and famous that you read in airline magazines. The one below is published by ‘Tongue in Cheek Communications’

  1. When I travel, I always ring ahead to ensure that my sheets are 1st class Egyptian cotton. I like them to be ironed after they’ve been put on the bed as well. It makes all the difference to my sleeping pattern, whatever the time zone I’m in.
  2. My luggage is from Linea, the designer collection that is exclusive to The House of Fraser. I have a suit carrier and a smaller hand luggage sized case. I love the shade of black they use, it looks so good against the blue and green Travel Go strap I have to put around them so that I can identify them on the carousel.
  3. I love the ‘take everything off and put it in the dirty box’ experience in the security area. I think it’s so levelling that we have to perform the ritual undress. It’s like we are stripping ourselves of our burdens as we journey on together.
  4. If I can’t find my snake skin covered Smythson notebook, I love to staple the pages of the jotting pad that you find in all good hotels. It gives my writing such rustic charm.
  5. Whilst I pack the case myself, I always get my wife to put a pair of my socks in  for me. I get such a thrill when asked the question ‘did you pack the case yourself’, and I reply ‘Yes’
  6. Fragrance is so important to me, which is why I choose the evocative aroma of Right Guard Sports Deodorant – I just couldn’t start my day without it.
  7. I always ask for the smallest and noisiest room in the hotel – that way, I’m never disappointed.

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