A blog from MIPIM ‘The international real estate show for professionals’

I thought I would blog from MIPIM, here in the South of France. I wanted to share with you some of my observations and advice.

  1. It’s great to connect with people I only ever seem to connect with at MIPIM.
  2. It’s great to make new connections at MIPIM – and I’ve made many of those already.
  3. Can someone explain why on earth companies spend fortunes on a stand and then leave it unattended? This defies any logic.
  4. If you are fronting a stand, and need to use your smartphone, please don’t do it in such a way that you are completely unapproachable. Anyone who has been on a stand that I’ve managed will know what a stickler I am for turning your phone off. If you have to make a call, move away from your stand. By not not doing so, you are telling the visitors that they aren’t important enough.
  5. If you have a stand, it would be good to ensure that the stand actually communicates what it is you actually do.
  6. How can Reed Midem  justify hitting us for more than a £1000 per person to enter the show, and then charging us for WiFi? (Update March 2014 – I’m assured the Wifi is now free)
  7. If you’re tweeting, then please avoid tweeting about the copious amount of alcohol you’re planning to imbibe and more importantly, don’t tweet whilst you’re drunk. It’s not funny and it’s not clever.
  8. How many of those expensively produced, and ridiculously heavy directories fill up the bins of hotel rooms and apartments? Why don’t Reed Midem just provide free WiFi and we can access the database electronically. (Preferably whilst not fronting a stand)
  9. Are men so shallow, that they can be persuaded to invest millions of Euros if the stand is fronted by provocatively clad young ladies?
  10. If you’re planning to attend a future MIPIM, can I suggest you learn your flags – it will definitely come in useful

So this is Mark Catchlove signing off  – oh look it’s raining and I’ve got lots of parties to go to.


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