Well-being and Agile Working – are they compatible?

Last week I received a letter from my local doctor’s surgery suggesting that I should consider a full health check as I had now reached the age where the risk of everything seems to have increased beyond imagination. I can certainly confirm that travel insurers take the same view, if the continued hike in my premiums are anything to go by.

So, I duly obliged and went along this week to be measured and prodded and poked to see how I was fairing. Having just spent a couple of nights away with my wife in a Cotswolds hotel, discussing my diet and drinking habits was tinged with quite a bit of guilt. However, the final result was not a big surprise. my BMI is too high, my diet is not healthy enough, and I need to consider more exercise, although using the word ‘more’ is trying to cover up the fact that I actually do little, if any exercise.

In the last few months I have attended many events where well-being has either been the focus or at least one of the considerations. I don’t think this subject is going away especially as this government looks to reduce the deficit by reducing expenditure, and improving well-being is one of the ways of doing this. I’ve also attended events where agile working has either been the focus or at least one of the considerations.

As someone who has embraced agile working and now needs to improve my well-being, I have come to realise that the 2 aren’t always compatible. Working at home is great for so many things, but well-being is not necessarily one of them. I don’t have to walk anywhere to get to the office, so very little exercise is taken. The fridge is too accessible, so snacking becomes a challenge. I don’t event need to walk to a sandwich shop for lunch!

Then there’s the travelling that I do, where any thoughts of a balanced diet seems to go right out of the window. Have you tried eating healthily in an airport, or a train station? As for working in coffee bars – the muffins are just too tempting.

I can hear many of you saying it’s all about will power, and you are absolutely right. It’s time for me to change, and I will when I can find the time! I need to buy this book by Nigel Oseland and read it as I am on my travels to see if it will help, I will keep you posted


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