Can change be fun?

I’m just about getting my head around the next series of seminars being held in Herman Miller’s National Design Centre in London, as well as around the EMEA region. The subject is one which creates much debate – Change Management.
The output is based on work done by my US colleagues, and seeks to deal with some of the myths or generalisations that have appeared around this subject. The very nature of what Herman Miller does means that almost all of our customers are going through a change process of some kind, whether managed or not.

My colleagues came across a challenging and thought provoking theory called the Fun Theory. This looks at the idea of getting people to change their behaviour by ensuring that there is some kind of fun incorporated into the process.

The challenge for you of course is to decide what fun might be, and whether it even has a place in what might be a mission critical project. This video will explain the idea much better than I can.

So, what do you think? How could you inject some fun into your change management project? Could it give you the edge that you’ve been looking for? On it’s own it probably won’t be effective, and could even have an adverse effect. However, along with other measures, it might be just what you are looking for.

If you would like to join me in exploring Managing Change, the Myths and realities, you can do so by registering here:


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